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BentheBA is a blog about the observations I make during my days working in Legal IT for HighQ Solutions. I spend my time working on projects, messing about with my growing family, listening to music and playing football. I occasionally get together with other legal ba’s through ‘The Legal BA forum‘.

I have recently become a product consultant after 7 years working on behalf of CMS Cameron McKenna as a Senior IT Business analyst and Project manager working many different types of projects.

I strive to add real value to transformational IT projects and help manage the volume of cultural and technological changes new technologies bring.

I’ve been very lucky to be considered as one of the Top 10 Shooting stars for 2011 within Legal IT by the Know List.

You can connect with me via my AboutMe site or directly through LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter @BenWightwick

Disclaimer : All view and thoughts are from my own head. They are not and should not be considered those of my firm, although on occasion they may be similar..

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