It’s a post PC world…

Well for me anyway…

I’ve recently started at a new company and moving from an in-house legal IT role to a vendor was always going to be a jump in culture.  To layer in a technology challenge beyond learning the in-house products was something I was tentative to face at the same time. This is exactly what happened though.

Whilst I had the freedom to use the tech I wanted laptop/Mac, Blackberry/iPhone I was encouraged to adopt a MacBook Air and a iPhone. So there I was 2 weeks before starting my new job, with the prospect of two new bits of kit I’d need to learn and get used to pretty darn quickly. Don’t get me wrong I was excited but nervous at the same time. Bearing in mind I’d never touched a Mac or iPhone I was genuinely worried about the learning curve, productivity and general going back on everything that I was used to from a work device perspective.

How daft was I? A month in and I’m now sat in front of my top spec MacBook Air with track pad, with the software I need, and the ability to chose from more than a 1000 of different apps. I feel 10% more productive but I admit I’m still finding my way and don’t know half of what I feel I should.. (being a tech professional this can be rather disconcerting).

The ability to boot up the machine in 4 seconds, the benefit of sync’ing my apps with my iPhone has been excellent, with things like Evernote and Dropbox daily and they are already part of my daily routine not to mention the introduction of iCloud. One thing I miss (although this is increasingly diminishing) is Outlook – for it’s failings I lived in Outlook previously and Mail doesn’t quite cut it. One thing I must admit to – Numbers just doesn’t quite cut it and I’ve had to purchase Office 2011 for Mac.

Could they be used in a corporate environment as the hardware of choice? As Ryan posts on Three Geeks highlights, Mac’s probably don’t quite cut it for all use cases but I think they are increasingly justifying the hype.

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