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There is a lot of talk these days about how social media is increasingly influencing business and how a presence within social media can improve one’s professional reputation. Admittedly it can be negative in some instances but lets ignore that for the time being..!

In the past it’s always been a tricky one for lawyers who by nature are relatively risk averse. Whether it’s the perceived effort involved in being ‘online’, the negative reputation social media has within some law firms or the perceived time away from recording time I’m not sure but the adoption compared to other industries has been lower than average. However as with all industries there are the pioneers, those out there who are doing a great job of not just raising their own profiles but also those of their firms and type of law they practice. A few examples (these aren’t all the ones I read and those omitted I am sorry) are;

Tom Kilroy
Legal Brat (FT GC)
BLP Real estate partner Barry Gross
In-house lawyer
Legal post grad Ashley Connick
and finally as described by Ashley above ‘The Grand master’ of legal bloggers

Getting a blog up and running isn’t too strenuous, keeping it up to date with great content and engaging with a community can be. Doing it in isolation and building that community will take effort. What if there was a site that helped you do this? A ready built legal community already sharing content, views and experience, well there is.

My friend Richard Pettet saw a gap in the market and decided to attempt to address some of these barriers (the official who, what and why can be found here) and set-up DeferoLaw. DeferoLaw since inception (a few months ago) has seen a large adoption (over 550 legal professionals from all over the world) including some from the list above.

DeferoLaw’s tag line is ‘Social Media for the Legal Profession’ and provides just that. I think DeferoLaw’s USP is that it is a platform specifically designed to provide an easy to use environment where even the risk averse can engage and create content amongst like minded professionals on topics of interest by all.

Why not give it a go?

One thought on “Social media for lawyers and legal professionals

  1. Thanks for the kind words, Ben. I think the points that your aise before mentioning Defero Law are extremely important – taking part on social media platforms, whichever one it might be, enhances your profile and the profile of your firm. Whether you have the time to manage this function is another thing, but is the time spent drafting press releases to post on your own website that no one ever visits or sees really the best way to spend valuable marketing resources and time – whoever’s doing it?

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