IT Marketing and Communications officer – The internal salesman?

I was reading a post by Simon May (@simonster) called the new heroes of the next gen IT dept.. and I wondered who currently fulfilled the IT Marketing and communications role in your IT dept? I know the post covers three roles but I’m only focusing on the last one.

Well does it sound familiar? Do you have a dedicated role to fulfill this responsibility? I’m guessing the simple answer is no. I’m sure there are people in various teams who fulfil the parts of the role but there is no single point of responsibility. The obvious ones being the Head of IT, the service delivery managers and the business facing teams like the business analysts.

In my honest opinion this gap in dedicated expertise will always open IT departments open to criticism and limited success in delivering a projects. A bit of a bold *statement I know, but an IT deliverable isn’t just the shiny tech, it’s the whole lot and most importantly the business’s perception of that shiny tech. I’m guessing with all the will in the world we don’t sell the deliverables and their benefits as well as we could, it’s just not our area of expertise.

Do you have an IT marketing and communications officer in your Legal IT dept. If not who takes on the majority of that work? I’d be interested in your thoughts and to see whether you agree with Simon.

*I’m expecting a little flack or response to this..

2 thoughts on “IT Marketing and Communications officer – The internal salesman?

  1. Ben, when I was at an IIBA event at Credit Suisse earlier this week, Jake Markham said they have 4 main roles for business analysts – one of which is Account Manager.
    That’s an internal client-facing role, managing expectations. Very much your IT Marketing and Communications person, I imagine.
    I posted about it on as one of those roles which will probably replace the full-time BA position, once everyone can analyse systems and write coherent requirements (*ahem*).

  2. Thanks Andy – I agree. About 4 years ago I was a “customer liaison analyst” which was essentially an account manager role. It was merged with the BA function in the end. I know A&O have roles similar to this now, but I don’t know how long they have had them.

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