The #LegalIT outsourcing threat. Can we be more prepared as business analysts?

We see in the press that many large firms like A&O and Herbert Smith are actively engaged or looking at outsourcing some of their support or legal functions. Many firms of course have already dabbled in IT outsourcing as it seems the most common entry point, however the focus of these ventures have traditionally been things with the least, if any contact with the lawyers. However this trend is changing and with CMCK’s deal with Integreon is already happening.

This means business analysts, historically considered safe due to their knowledge of the people, knowledge of the culture and the processes are not. This progression is not surprising but still does pose the question, Can we be more prepared? and whilst it’s not inevitable (I know of a top 10 firm whose Director is a staunchly opposed to outsourcing) the trend is there for all to see. So what can you do? Continue reading