Outlook 2010 – Two things I like already..

I have been beta testing a Win7 and Office 2010 desktop for over month now and I suddenly realised I haven’t mentioned some of the good features of Outlook.  I am running a 2003 desktop next to a 2010 one and the Outlook definitely performs better in 2010..

Two main ones that have caught my eye are;

1 – The Add-in resiliency. We all know that lawyers over the last 5 years have spent increasing amounts of time in Outlook. The main problem with this is that the system is already busy dealing with massive mail boxes, but all #legalIT vendors look at Outlook as being a primary start-up point for an application or integration. There is nothing wrong with this however Outlook 2000 and 2003 can not handle it, FACT. My desktop has the following Outlook add-ins that could be impacting the performance; DMS, Document comparison software, Email archiving solution; PDF manipulation software and there bound to be more. Anything that ensures stability and perceived improved performance is a winner by me, as it’s the biggest bug bear of our last desktop project. Have a read of the Microsofts technet site for the details

2 – Using ‘Quick parts’. This allows me to build up content which can be shared across either Word or Outlook for content used on a regular basis. I have started using them for some of my re-useable content for both. I really like it and can see the functionality enhancing the volumes of glossaries we have at the firm.

Over time there’s bound to be more.. Anyone got any they’d like to add in the comments? Also have a look at Jason’s thoughts on Outlook he published a few months ago.

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