If I were a manager, i’d……

If I were ever directly responsible for a team (pls rescue them now) I would strive for the following leadership qualities and not just during periodic reviews and appraisals.

1 – Provide specific feedback and solutions balancing both the -ve and +ve
2 – Not to micro manage but also not seem too stand off-ish. Provide a balance between the two
3 – Show interest in the person not just the person doing the job
4 – Communicate fairly and listen to everyone’s ideas and concerns
5 – Assist with career advice and development
6 – Have a clear vision and strategy
7 – Have key technical skills to help the team when necessary

There are probably many others so are there any others you can think of?

3 thoughts on “If I were a manager, i’d……

  1. Yes, that pretty much sums up what’s required but so many fail to live up to all 7 though. I’d add a point 8 though “empathise”.

  2. Is this what your manager is NOT and hence this blog post? :-P

    I recommend reading Joel Spolsky’s definition of what a Program (note, it is NOT Programme) Manager is. It’s probably specific to Programs (as in, software development), but, I would still recommend it as it is a fantastic read.

    I had a manager who repeatedly used to tell me this – Out of 10 people that I manage, 2 of them would turn out to be no good, no matter what I do…but, 3 of them will be average and my job is to encourage, assist to get them above-average, 3 of them will be above-average and my job is yet again, to encourage, assist to excel. The remaining 2 will surpass me, probably defining history and even when I know it…I am, and I will yet again, assist them…encourage them and be part of history even if I am not the one who will be credited for it.

    • Thanks for taking the time to comment and the reading material, I will look it up. This list was inspired by an article i read a few weeks ago in a journal and thought about what is important to me..

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